Wednesday, April 26, 2006

May 4th - International Respect for Chickens Day

Plan Now for International Respect for Chickens Day May 4th
A Day to celebrate the dignity, beauty and life of chickens and to protest against the bleakness of their lives in farming operations -
UPC Press Release
United Poultry Concerns has moved International Respect for Chickens Day to May 4th. Last year it fell on April 27th. This move, to place the chicken holiday closer to Jack Bauer Appreciation Day, will not deter us from having a parade down Fifth Avenue on May 9th.

The group also lists some ideas for Chicken Day, including "Start an around-the-water-cooler talk about chickens". Ironically, the Guide to Not Getting Fired also lists starting conversations about poultry as one way to ensure unemployment or at least office ostracization.