Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jack Bauer On The Muther F-cking Plane

Samuel L. Jackson thought he had problems when he found Snakes on his Plane. Chew on this nugget: There have been 6 planes on the show 24. 4 exploded! If you find yourself on an airplane with Jack Bauer, it would be a good idea to use that Air-phone and jack up your life insurance - bad things are about to happen.

Let's recall the fate of airplanes on 24:
Season 1: Terrorists blow up a 747, starting the first of Jack Bauer's worst days of his life.
Season 2: Jack Bauer and Nina Myers on a plane. Plane explodes and goes down in flames. "At the crash site in the Angeles National Forest, the still-alive Jack rolls out of the fuselage. A tree branch is lodged in his thigh. He yanks it out" (from Fox's recap)
Season 2: Jack Bauer and George Mason got on a airplane. That flight ended up with a nuclear blast, spreading the airplane and George Mason across the Mojave Desert.
Season 3: Jack Bauer and Nina on another plane, Jack pulls a gun on the pilot of the Navy Plane to keep the plane from returning to Mexico. (hat tip - junger)
Season 4: Even Air Force One was not safe as it was shot down by a stolen stealth fighter.
Season 5: Jack Bauer's manpurse was too large for a carryon, so he checks himself in as baggage.

Last night, 4 people were added to the Jack Bauer Kill Counter - despite Tyler D's live blogging. The black helicopter also stuck around for another week and forced SecDef Heller to use everything he learned from the Ted Kennedy Defensive Driving Course he took a few years back.