Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jack Bauer, Ninjas, and "The Bus Boy"

Jack Bauer was in Nashville for the Nashville Film Festival last week. Bauer's entourage planned on partying at a trendy place called Sambuca. Bauer decided to smoke (I don't like smoking, but if anyone should be allowed to smoke...come on it's Jack Bauer). A rogue bus boy confronted Bauer about the "no smoking" policy. As the dust and dishes settled, Bauer was gone - the bus boy had ruled the day! Now, Bauer states that the bus boy slammed a tray of dishes down and sprayed him and his guests with dishtray funk.

Now I think we know what really happened:

"The Bus Boy" hid amongst the tables with his group of trained evil ninjas - armed to the teeth. The group had taken over the second floor of Sambuca and held the mayor's daughter hostage with demands to be met...or she dies. They also planned to blow up a local landmark to cover their escape. Meanwhile - Jack Bauer landed on the roof of Sambuca.

The call had come into CTU-Nashville 4 minutes ago. Bauer geared up, started the chopper, and planned the assault in 3 minutes. The spare minute was spent in line at the Krispy Kreme on Old Hickory Boulevard, the "hot donuts" sign was on.

The group of 30 ninjas, led by "The Bus Boy" prepared to blow up the Country Music Hall of Fame and kill their hostage. The mayor had not met their demands for season tickets to the Titans and to bring back Hee-Haw. "We are running out of time, y'all" yelled Bauer as he prepared to enter the building.

What happened next is a mystery, known only to "The Bus Boy" who escaped, and Jack Bauer. But in the end the mayor's daughter is safe, The CMHoF is intact, and Hee-Haw is still off the air. Jack Bauer saved the day....err hour, again.

(source - Tennessean)