Monday, April 17, 2006

I agree with Al Sharpton


The Rev. Al Sharpton and I don't agree on much, but I finally found something we do agree on. Al thinks that Transit union chief Roger Toussaint is not the only one who should go to jail for their little 3-day illegal strike in December of 2005.

"Roger don't have to go by himself," - Al Sharpton
Al suggests that Toussaint's supporters all head to jail with him. That sounds like a great idea to me.

In other strike blogging news; the union finds out today if they will still have to pay a $3,000,000 fine for breaking the law. A judge could also strip the union's ability to take dues directly from member's paychecks. Toussaint said that only 12% would pay dues it this measure was passed.

Update: Judge Theodore Jones fined the the TWU $2,500,000 and suspended the Union's ability to automatically deduct member's dues for 90 days. Jones also fined Local 726 $125,000 and Local 1050 $187,000 for their part in the illegal strike. Thank you Judge Jones.

Thank you Judge Jones, for showing these punks that real action will be taken against them if they break the law. Let that send a sound message to all the unions who break the law as an act of greed.

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