Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cat Fight! Tale of the Tape

In one corner we have a tin-foil beanie wearing moon-bat and in the other corner, a state senator who uses staffers as target practice. Who would win this matchup?

Post your comments below.

Cynthia "Master Race Baiter" McKinney (D - GA)
Position: Congresswoman (14 years)
Age: 51
Reach: 24 inches
Weapon of choice: Cell phone
Rap Sheet:
- 1993 altercation with a United States Capitol Police officer
- 2006 Misspent $1000 of taxpayer money for plane ticket and hotel room for Issac Hayes
- 2006 Struck a United States Capitol Police officer with her cell phone after officer tried to stop her from going around security.
- Father blamed her 2002 loss on "jeeeewwwwssss"
- Claims that President Bush knew of 9/11 attacks and planned to profit from them
- Stated that Al Gore had a low "Negro tolerance level"

Ada "Black Coffee" Smith (D - Queens)
Position: State Senator (18 years)
Age: 61
Reach: 26 inches
Weapon(s) of choice: Meat cleaver, teeth, hot coffee, car
Rap Sheet:
- 2006 Accused of thowing a cup of hot coffee in the face of a staffer. Smith then threatend to "f---ing kill" the staffer if they reported her to the cops. THEN pulled off the staffer's hairpiece.
- 2005 Made racist remarks to a staffer and fired him for being gay
- 2003 Fined after running through a security checkpoint
- 1998 she was maced after biting a police officer
- 1996 Chased a staffer with a meat cleaver
- Also accused of throwing a trash can, a desk organizer, stacks of paper, and a melted ice cream bar
- Has gone through 240 staffers in 17 years