Friday, March 24, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Hanging With Franklin Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
10. Say Ben, you think you can get Ted Kennedy to fly your kite in a Thunderstorm and hold on to the key on the kite string? Do you think he'll even feel the lightning bolt? - PCD
9."Good lord, Ben. I knew old people's farts smell bad, but WOW!" - GOP and College
8. Bush: So tell me. What was Helen Thomas like as a teenager Ben?
Franklin: Loose as a goose. - The Man
Franklin: I don't know...ask my Grandpa - Cowboy Blob
7. Bush: "I was thinking of putting together a conservative ice cream company. How does Ben and Georgie's grab ya?" - Wyatt Earp
6. Franklin: You mean the British are helping you in a war? Watch your back George. - fmragtops
5. Unfortunately, Mssrs. Bush and Franklin did not make it to the final round of American Historical Idol with their duet of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." - Damian G
4. "Seems to me Richard wouldn't a been so poor with more tax breaks." - Rodney Dill
3. "You know, Mr. Bush, George Washington got in trouble for 'wire tapping' back during the Revolution. Except back then we just hid a midget with a notebook in a bale of hay."- Mac
2. CB's Flash Animation - Cowboy Blob
1. (tie) Franklin and Bush were eliminated from Final Jeopardy when they couldn't answer "He was France's greatest war hero." - Wyatt Earp
1. (tie) Wyatt: Who is Hitler? - RFTR

Photoshop Entries
Watch out Sonny and Cher. Here's Helen and George.
-The Man

-Cowboy Blob

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