Friday, March 17, 2006

Top 10 Truths About Evil Glenn

Everyone knows the random truth's about Chuck Norris and/or Jack Bauer. However, a list of less popular (and less relevant) facts about Evil Glenn has also started making its rounds on the internet.

What are some of these previously unpublicized "facts" about Glenn Reynolds?

The Alliance - Filthy Lie Assignment

10. Glenn Reynolds killed Edgar. You Bastard!
9. Glenn Reynolds linked to GOP and the City and the host of Press Your Luck died. Coincidence?
8. Ace got to the final 12 of American Idol just by reading posts off Instapundit.
7. Chuck Norris wore Jack Bauer pajamas until Glenn Reynolds made fun of him. To his face.
6. Glenn Reynolds knows what "git-r-done" means.
5. Glenn Reynolds has yet to link to Blogs4bauer, which means only one thing: he's scared of Jack Bauer.
4. Glenn Reynolds occasionally lets Michelle Malkin surpass him in the TTLB Ecosystem only because he digs Asian chicks.
3. Glenn Reynolds just dropped $4.5 billion on Knight-Ridder thinking he was buying a talking car.
2. "Glenn Reynolds" is a verb. An action verb.
1. Glenn Reynolds just put $500 dollars on The University of Tennessee to win the NCAA Tournament. Glenn is about to lose $500 dollars.

Do you have other facts? Post them in the comments.

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