Thursday, March 02, 2006

Top 10 Signs You Are Too Into 24

(Crossposted at Blogs4Bauer)
10. When purchasing a watch, you go for the $450 Jack Bauer model
9. You start a blog dedicated to Jack Bauer
8. Accidentally called your wife "Kim" in bed last night
7. The disclaimer from last season was aimed at you
6. You have a picture of Nina Myers on your dart board
5. Your cell phone ringtone is also CTU's ringtone
4. On May 9th - you fast, do not go to the bathroom, yell into your cell phone, and look for a hacksaw
3. After buying a Treo 650, you bought a flip-phone in case you have to give yourself up to terrorists
2. You cried the day that Palmer died
1. You admit (publicly) that 24 is better than sex....and if you ever find a woman who digs that, you are going to knock her up and name the kid "Jack Bauer Bielaska"

Got others? Post them in the comments.