Thursday, March 23, 2006

An Open Letter to President Bush

A group of "peace activists" were rescued in a daring raid by coalition forces after four months in captivity. Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember were members of Christian Peacemaker Teams and who were saved from certain death, without firing a shot. The body of a fellow activitst, Tom Fox, was found outside Baghdad earlier in March.

The group released a statement following their unfortunate release:

“Our hearts are filled with joy today as we heard that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember have been safely released in Baghdad...We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq. The occupation must end. "

No "thank you" or even a "thanks" to the United States and its brave soldiers. I have a real problem with this and I assume our President does as well. Here's my open letter to my pal, George W. Bush.

Dear Dubya,

I am writing to complain about the horrible waste of military resources that took place in Iraq. Our men and women are there to bring freedom to the Iraqi people and have their hands full. Therefore, I think placing a group of these brave souls in harms way to rescue Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember, was a terrible waste of military resources.

Therefore, I suggest that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember, be returned to their state of captivity with the Islamic Asshats Society or another similar group. This may sound like we would be putting our soldiers back in harm's way, but I am sure if you may find some willing volunteers amongst the troops who would love to drop these ungrateful slimebags back into the terrorists hands.

Since the troops will not get a nice word from these ungrateful jerks, I would like to say "Thank you" myself.

-The Man

PS- I donated $50 to your 2004 campaign, tell the GOP to stop mailing me.
(hat tip - SYLG)