Thursday, March 09, 2006

Letter to Editor: Cuba is Swell

Picking on the Letters to the Editor at AMNY, a free daily paper, is easier than spellchecking a post on Barbra Streisand's page. Sometimes, I write back to AM NY...but this one is just too stupid to honor with a reply.

Liz Moore-Robles asks, "Are we in Communist Cuba or in the U.S.A?"
We know we are in the U.S.A., because here abortion rights are restricted and under attack and it is very difficult and expensive to obtain a safe abortion in many parts of the country.
"Communist" (actually socialist) Cuba has full legal abortion rights and implements it with a national health service that provides free, comprehensive, quality care for every resident.
Human rights includes women's rights, and rights to health care, housing, jobs and participation in running society, which is why the vast majority of Cuban women and men like their life there.
-Bill Davis, Laurelton

So Cuba is so great and people just love living there. Is that why the Cuban Coast Guard spends its days rescuing people in boats heading to Cuba?

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