Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rangel Unhinged: Part 87

Update: Don't Buy Gas From This Ass

Today's outlandish Charlie Rangel (D-NY) comment comes from a clip of an interview from NY1 on Friday night. Rangel is asked about Vice President Dick Cheney and his ability to be VP. Rangel has previously unveiled his unkown medical expertise a few weeks ago on NY1 and diagnosed Cheney by saying that "he grunts alot".

Now Rangel states Cheney's too old (Rangel is 75, Cheney is 64), not experienced enough, we are losing the war in Iraq "everyday", and that Cheney may be mean and evil.
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Rangel: He (Cheney) should have never stepped up in the first place, he's too old for the job and doesn't have the experience.

NY1: Now that he is there, do you think he is capable of remaining there?

Rangel: If you want to take the deficit and charge that to him, the war charge that to him. The fact that we are losing every day (the war). The fact that they don't intend to pay for the damages in the Gulf states except through budget cuts.

Rangel: I would like to believe he is sick instead of mean and evil.
For a bio on all of Cheney's experience, click here.

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