Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Great Moments in NYC History

1668: Peter Minuit had agreed with the Indians to purchase Manhattan for the equivalent of $15. Freddy Ferrer got the Indians to refuse and hold out for $24 and some beads.

2005: Democratic mayoral candidate Freddy Ferrer takes credit for the teacher's contract agreement. An amazing feat, since he did not take part in the contract negotiations.

"Probably one of the best things to happen to labor negotiations in this city in a long time is my running for mayor," - Freddy Ferrer
In a classic response, Bloomberg's campaign shot back with all guns.
"After taking credit for Mayor Koch's affordable housing plan and claiming he went to public school, Freddy now says he's the reason there's a teachers' contract? What's next, the Internet?"

On a side note: Tuesday, the teacher's union ran an ad critical of Mayor Bloomberg for not reaching a deal with the union. The spot ran four times on NY1, 24 hours after an agreement was already signed.