Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Grandma Got Recycled

Someone in Tennessee has taken recycling to a new level. A worker at a recycling plant in Thompson's Station, Tennessee found a human skull in a trash bag that was jammed in the trash compacter. The worker jabbed the bag with a stick and the skull popped out. Archeologists said the skull had one tooth, so it may have come from Alabama.

Obviously someone in Tennessee does not know what a good set of bones is going for on the Brooklyn Funeral Home Black Market. The staff at the plant now has to go through each bag by hand, to see if any more bones come up.

Not grossed out already? Investigators say that prior to 1986 it was not illegal to dig up Native American graves, and some Tennesseans have Indian skeletons in their closets, which I guess is better than having a shotgun-wielding nut who's sleeping with your wife in your closet. I ♥ Tennessee.

Update: The skull was a gift.
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