Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cheney: Charlie Rangel is a Douche Bag

"Charlie's losing it, I guess. - Dick Cheney"

"I think it ends when he apologizes for attacking me as a senior citizen. It's true that I'm much older than he is, but that has nothing to do with mental alertness," - Charlie Rangel (D-NY)

After comparing President George W. Bush to a racist democrat (not named Robert Byrd) from the civil rights era, Charlie Rangel claimied that Vice President Dick Cheney "grunts a lot", and later that Cheney is either sick or "mean and evil". Then poor Charlie Rangel gets offended when Cheney has the gall to finally stick up for himself. Please.

"The fact that he would make a crack at my age, he ought to be ashamed of himself...He should look so good at 75." said Rangel. If you cannot laugh at that comment, you have no sense of irony or humor.

If I start talking like Charlie Rangel at age 75 (or any age), I have instructed my family to take the shotgun out of the shed and do me "Ole Yeller" style.

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