Friday, October 07, 2005


I love me some New York! First we have plague infested mice escape from a lab in Jersey, now we have terror warnings. As New Yorkers, if we end up on the wrong end of the plague, avian flu, west nile, dog flu, or a terrorist we have more things to worry about!

1010 WINS is covering a story about an investigation into the harvesting of human bones by funeral homes for resell. There are cases of leg bones being stolen and replaced with broomsticks or pipes. Apparently bone selling is a billion dollar business, spooky.

7online adds that bones were not the only thing stolen. Everything from heart valves, veins, arteries and skin were allegedly being stolen and sold.

(Insert Howard Dean hiding Salami/Bones joke here)

Update: It is happening in CA as well, more from The Steel Deal