Tuesday, October 11, 2005

American Military Rushes Aid to Pakistan

Within 48 hours of the earthquake in South East Aisa, a USAF C-17 cargo plane loaded with 90,000 pounds of food, blankets, and other supplies took off from Bagram Airforce Base in Afghanistan and headed to Pakistan. Another C-17 flew from Kuwait with food and medicine.

By day 2 of the relief effort, 8 US helicopters have ferried 228 people and delivered 32,000 pounds of supplies. Joining the US helicopters are 4 from the Afghan military.

"These items are very valuable to us because there are lots of people in great distress." - Pakistan Army Brig. Gen. Imtiaz Sherazi

“The United States and Pakistan have an excellent history of working together. In this mission we’re assuming a supporting role to the Pakistan military,” - Lt. Col. Jerry O’Hara

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