Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Weiner No Winner

Ferrer Cannot Put Away Weiner
Too Much Weiner For Freddy
Miller, Fields Can't Touch Weiner

Update: Weiner is done

Last night's race, to see which Democrat will get ho-slapped by Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg, was won by Freddy Ferrer with 39.9% of the vote. In New York primaries, a candidate must have 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff with the 2nd place candidate.

Votes are still being counted and we may not know who will end up losing in November for a couple of days. There are 2,600,000 registered Democrats in New York, only 18% (456,263) voted in the primary.

Bloomberg threw a victory party last night, even though he ran unopposed. You can see the citywide vote totals here.

Other Notables:
-Christopher X. Brodeur, who I wrote about here, got 17,185 votes last night which was 3.7% of the total.
-Brian Ellner, who I wrote about here, ran an ad which I call "I don't like Bush" (pun intended) failed to get him enough votes for Manhattan Borough President, he came in 4th with 17,069 votes.
- This one hurts. Victor Bernace, who I wrote about his go-go fundraiser here and then got a funny email response from Mr. Bernance himself, lost his race as well.

(Source 1010Wins)