Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sheehapalooza Hits Union Square

Anyone who has ever been to Union Square will tell you, no matter what time of day you will always find someone protesting something. The Sheehan caravan arrived in Union Square to a crowd of thousands hundreds a couple hundred anti-war loons. She did her dog-&-pony show and left for a television interview.

In the meantime, police moved in and arrested the rally organizer because he did not have a permit for the use of amplifiers for the rally. The organizer, Paul Zulkowitz, has been arrested three times in the last six months for similar charges. The Sheehan followers then took their anti-war anger out on the police, calling them "stalinsts","facists", and the old favorite "pigs".

An argument also broke out between two protesters over the wisdom of shouting at the police. Lorcan Otway, a Quaker, said he was dismayed by the arrest but said, "Yelling at the cops isn't going to do any good." Richard Degen, a self-described anarchist, told Mr. Otway he was acting weak in the face of an injustice.
Come on guys, give peace a chance.
(Source - NY Sun)

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