Monday, September 05, 2005

Jimmy "The White Kanye" Breslin Returns

Newsday columnist, Jimmy Breslin retired on November 2nd, 2004. His prediction of a John Kerry win were wrong, so Breslin slipped away to a cave on Long Island to scratch out his conspiracy and Bush theories. Like Gollum, he wilted into madness and planned his glorious return one day.

In the meantime, Newsday has all but penned the Hurricane Katrina on Bush, as if he and Karl Rove had devised the storm to get Cindy Sheehan out of the news. After a week of articles, something was missing from the pages of Newsday. They needed a column to blast Bush, call him a liar, mention Iraq, insult the military, slam Condi Rice, and even take aim at Rudy Giuliani. They needed to get Jimmy Breslin ASAP.

Jimmy Breslin's September 4th column (While Bush fiddles, New Orleans Dies) of various lefty rantings make Kanye West's outburst sound like Shakespeare. He manages to call Bush a racist because he was surrounded by sailors as blacks died in New Orleans. "Wherever cameras swept, the only thing that was white was a towel being waved by a black woman begging for help...Bush was in white Coronado to speak to a military audience on the anniversary of V-J Day. Get those sailors in their whites clapping."

He then told Americans to send donations to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. How marvelous! His administration sends billions and billions of tax money to his personal war in Iraq to shoot up Fallujah for the third or fourth time since he started the war with his lies, and now he wants everybody to go out on the street and give forty dollars to hurricane charity.
Yes, he is making fun of the notion of Americans donating to the Red Cross in times of disaster. Be nice Jimmy, that's what people do.

If whites were in trouble in New Orleans, trust that his government would have been there early and the aid massive.
This racism, which is at the bottom of everything in America, makes it only natural for Bush and his people to talk about turning to Rudolph Giuliani to save New Orleans as he supposedly saved New York after the World Trade Center attack.
In New York, Giuliani did nothing but go on television. That's all he did and all he ever can do. Beautiful! There are television cameras in New Orleans. And just like Bush, Giuliani doesn't want many blacks near him. If more than two blacks entered City Hall, he called for snipers.
Somewhere in a nursing home on Long Island, Jimmy Breslin is playing shuffleboard in a pair of Bermuda shorts hiked up to just below his armpits. His partner is about to leave because he doesn't want to hear about how George W. Bush was to blame for the runny applesauce in the cafeteria.
Newsday will call again soon; keep taking your meds Jimmy.
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