Thursday, September 22, 2005

Instapundit's Last Post

New Filthy Lie Assignment: Evil Glenn's Final Post
What would Instapundit's final post look like?

I've been given intimate knowledge from a certain time traveler who I posted about on one of my Tin Hat Tuesdays. Well one day, we were talking about the Red Sox not making the playoffs until 2015 and John Kerry's chances in 20005 when my buddy asked me if I'd like to see when I would get my first Instalanche. Since I've already been Malkinized, Polipunted, AnkleBit, and Slated; being Instapunted was the next big moment as a blogger. So here it is. My first Instalance and Evil Glenn's last post.

Evil Glenn's last post happens to be the post after my first Instalanche. Sure some people would be happy to finally get one after blogging for 21 years. But screw that, I have to wait 21 years and then when I finally get the coveted instalanche, Evil Glenn goes off and dies. I'll probably only get something like 4 hits from it. Heh indeed!

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