Thursday, September 15, 2005

Emails From John Kerry

For some reason, I signed up on John Kerry's email list now I know why, comic relief. While most are just appeals for more money, some are really kind of funny. Here are some segments of the email I was sent today:

It's never been more obvious the price we all pay with George Bush, Mike Bloomberg and the Republicans doing harm to our country and New York City.

The choice is clear. If you wouldn't vote for George Bush, why would you ever vote for Mike Bloomberg?

Reality: A recent poll shows that Republican Mike Bloomberg would have won 42% of the votes in the Democratic primary. Ferrer, the Democratic challenger only pulled 23%.

P.S. Mike Bloomberg is expected to spend at least $100 million from his $5 billion fortune to bankroll his re-election campaign for Mayor. He will have help from Karl Rove, Bush and the Republican Party who can't afford to lose their grip on New York City and this key national race after their inexcusable performance during Hurricane Katrina and their failed leadership in Iraq.

John, at least he is using his fortune and not his wife's.

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