Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Democrats Campaign For 5th Grade Class President

"President Bush" attended a news conference for Michael Bloomberg today in Times Square. Actually, "President Bush" was a volunteer from the New York State Democratic Committee in a Bush mask and they will trail Mayor Bloomberg during the mayoral campaign.

This just goes to show that the Democrats are an absolute joke. What was Republican Michael Bloomberg doing at the news conference today? He was picking up yet another union endorsement the Democrats should have easily had in their pocket.

A poll released today shows that if the masked Bush-man is a registered Democrat, there's a 42% chance he'll vote for Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg has also picked up money left and right from some of the top Democratic donors in the city. What does Freddy Ferrer have? An early Halloween costume at best.

This November, the Democrats are bringing a one-legged man to an ass-kicking contest and it a'int going to be pretty.

Disclaimer: The RNC did send a group of volunteers dressed like dolphins to John Kerry rallies. I was against that as well.