Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Brewing Bloomberg Blowout

The latest Marist poll shows that Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg only has a slim 5 point lead over Democrat Fernando Ferrer, (49-44). Oh, wait... That's among registered Democrats, Mayor Mike's up by 50 points among Republicans (70-20). Overall Bloomberg has a 15 point lead, including an 8 point lead (50-42) among black voters.

"I (Ferrer) was born in the South Bronx and educated in public schools for most of my education" - (9/6)
There was a bit of good news for the Ferrer campaign, Fernando was on the cover of both the NY Daily News & NY Post. Unfortunately it was because he lied on his website, claiming that he went to public school, when he actually went to a private school. This is nothing new, at a Primary Debate, he also claimed his daughter graduated from public school, which is not true.