Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogs For Bauer Challenge


Former Goonie, Sean Austin Astin will join the cast of 24 next season. His role has not been made public, which gives us time to pursuade the producers at Fox to change their mind. Personally, I would like to see Stone Cold Steve Austin instead of Sean "Mikey" Austin.

This marks the first Lord of the Rings cast member to join the crew at CTU. But, this is not the first Goonies actor to join 24; Edgar had a memorable role as Chunk in the movie. Rumors have circulated that this season; Edgar will do a "Truffle Shuffle" for Jack in order to get out of creating a CTU situation report.

Here is the inaugural Blogs For Bauer Challenge:

Who would you like to see on the next season of 24: Sean Astin or some other actor? What role would they play in the show?

Enter a comment below or create your own post and trackback to this one. Feel free to expand on the question and take it anywhere you want. Entries are due by Tuesday Wednesday (9/7). I will host a poll for people to vote for their favorite entry.

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