Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogs For Bauer Challenge: The Game

Are you a Playstation 2 owner and a 24 fan? Your prayers have been answered in the form of 24: The Game. Madden can take his sissy football game and shove it, get ready to save the world using your two thumbs.

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I know that one blogger will be happy to know that Kim Bauer is included in the plot.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge #2
List the top 5 features you would like to see included in the game.
Deadline: Monday (9/19)
How: Create a post on your site and trackback to this one or
email me.

1 - a mini game-within-the-game where you have to see how long you can keep your partner alive while doing all the heavy lifting yourself
2 - a "whack a mole" mode, where Jack runs through CTU headquarters with a big hammer, smashing all the moles as they pop their heads out of their cubes.
3 - a demo driving mode, where we get to see how in the hell someone is able to drive through L.A. rush hour traffic and cross town in 8 minutes.
4 - switchable roles: you get to play the role of the hungry mountain lion and see if you can bite off a piece of Kim.
5 - there has to be a feature where if Jack dies, there is a certain combination of buttons that, if pressed in the correct sequence" bring Jack back to life. Just like on TeeVee!


1. Kim nekkid.
2. Jack gets to torture Osama.
3. Jack gets to torture Ted Kennedy.
4. Jack gets to torture Pelosi.
5. Jack gets to run over Michael Moore with a steam-roller, then you push a button to spit on the pile of resultant goo.

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