Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogging For Beelzebub

"I will be your David — your mayor. And all the height or money or tattoos won't matter, because God is on my side." - Fernando Ferrer
Every election cycle, you can count on the Democrats decrying the use of the church to deliver political messages, but every election cycle there's always a Democrat on the podium delivering a political message at a church. This weekend was Fernando Ferrer's turn, the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York likened himself to David and Mayor Bloomberg as Goliath and then announced "God" has endorsed him.

Since Fernando Ferrer claims that God is on his side, then who supports Mayor Bloomberg in the spiritual sense? This blog supports Ferrer's opponent and therefore, Beelzebub-endorsed, Mike Bloomberg. Please update your Blogs for Bloomberg icon (right).

Ferrer denied making the comment (go figure), but a NY Post reporter and the church pastor, A'kim Beecham confirmed his comments. I wonder how God feels about Ferrer lying.

The comments came ironically on the same day that Bloomberg met with the Dalai Lama.

(Source - NY Post)

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