Monday, August 29, 2005

VMA Rap Up

After watching the VMAs last night, I have one question:

How many Manatee did Ricky Martin kill in his Pershing 62 yacht, on his way to the VMAs?

I strike it as odd to see celebrities, who want us all to hug a tree, would have the gall show up in a yacht that does an impressive 0.38 Miles Per Gallon (0.33 NMPG). Usher's boat (a Ferretti 810) can get as little as 0.21 MPG (0.18 NMPG). Not to mention all the west coast stars who brought their cars to showcase. Those cars did not just appear in Miami, they were probably trucked cross-country to drive 150 feet onto the MTV set. Where's Greenpeace?

I hate award shows, but my wife loves them. My view is that Americans worship celebrities enough as is, do we have an "awards" show every two weeks to showcase our love for these people with no last names?

The only reason to watch these shows (besides Shakira's hips) is to see if anyone gets shot. It's like a bad sitcom that ends with "to be continued...". Now I've got to watch the Emmys and see if Fat Joe gets shot by one of 50 Cent's crew. Will Suge Knife pull through? I have to stay tuned to find out. There's something comical about two multi-millionaires thugging-out on live TV. It's a long way to the hood from their tony, suburban homes in their $500k cars.

Quote of the night
My wife on R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" skit; she asked "who does he have in the closet? A 13-year old girl?"
Get well Suge. I gotta go get my crunk on....East Coast, represent.

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