Thursday, August 25, 2005

So Mad I Could Spit

"Maimed for Lies"
"Enlist here and die for Halliburton."

Signs like these have been on display every Friday, by anti-war protesters outside The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC. Our soldiers, who have been wounded while protecting the moonbats right to carry these signs, are their target. The leftist group, Code Pink for Women organized the heinous rallies against our wounded warriors. The same group is supporting that little sob-fest down in Crawford.

"Shameless Pinkos go home"
"Thank you U.S. Armed Forces"
Anti-Anti-War counter protests are also going strong at the same time, led by members of the DC chapter of But why should there be protests at a hospital at all? Even some of the anti-war protestors note the poor choice of location, one stating "Maybe there is a better place to have a protest. I am not sure". There's a tiny shred of common sense shining through that bong resin-stained skull.

CNS News has a video clip here. Notice the anti-war nut "Luke" has quite a speech problem. It's Walter Reed, not "Walter Weed".

(Source - CNS News/Crosswalk)

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