Monday, August 15, 2005

Scott Harper Is Still an Idiot

I wrote about the Yankee Diver here and created a anti-Harper t-shirt here. Since this moron has already ate through his 15 minutes of fame, I will call off my demands to have him sterilized.

I went to the Yankee game on Saturday and took this shot of the crime scene. I hope this photo shows how stupid and dangerous this stunt could have been. But, after paying $7.50 for a Bud Lite, I realized how one might be driven to crazy acts like this. After watching the Yankees blow a 5-3 lead in the 9th inning and dragging the game to 11 innings in 107 degree heat, I can see how Scott Harper thought jumping 50 feet into netting would have been preferable to watching the Yankees play.

Mariano blowing his first save since April - Click Here
A-Rod hitting a ball that landed in Yonkers - Click Here
Bernie Williams, winning the game in the bottom of the 11th - Click Here

Here's a picture of Derek Jeter, the reason my wife likes the Yankees. I yelled to him: "Hey Jeter, my wife wants your phone number", not even a glance over. Come to think of it, Jeter probably gets that alot.