Monday, August 01, 2005

NY Democrat: Use Racial Profiling

"You look at London. You look at Madrid. You look at every single case of the individuals who were involved. You know, they look basically like this." (referring to the FBI's Most Wanted list)

"This is what they look like. Now...they surely look like they come from the Middle Eastern country."

"Let the authorities do what they need to do without having their hands tied in any fashion, where they have to think twice about what they are doing." -Dov Hikind (D)

Let these words sink in and imagine if there was an "(R)" behind his name. Dov is Jewish, so you might see some outrage on the left because of that. But if he were a Republican, there would be calls for an apology and his resignation. Al Sharpton would have already organized a march to the nearest news camera.

While he uses these strong words, Assemblyman Hikind voted for legislation that prohibiting police from using racial profiling. So as a democrat, he would be against racial profiling before he was for it.

Update: British police have gone after specific ethnic groups, they are not going to "waste time searching old white ladies".

Other Coverage
1010 WINS has a poll (as of 1pm, 77% want the NYPD to use racial profiling)
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