Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moonbats on Parade

The Navy's Blue Angels will perform in Brunswick, Maine on September 10-11th. Check out the media coverage of the upcoming show. There are 6 stories, all about an unwanted guest who will be there to protest the "worship of the Gods of War". The moonbats have a motto which is just as lame, "Real angels don't drop bombs". Gag me with a hemp spoon.

One of the main griefs of the anti-military group, is the base where the air show will take place is home to a squadron of unarmed P-3 Orions, a recon plane whose job is to find military targets. The group says "P-3 Orions that fly out of Brunswick help identify those targets. He said innocent civilians often end up getting killed as a result." I Would ask if they would rather have us load up our B-52s and carpet bomb like we did before we gained the ability to isolate military from civilian targets?

They are expecting 200,000 people at the air show, 99.999% of the people will be there to have a good time and marvel at the skills of highly trained pilots. The media will be there; not looking up, but down to the minority of moonbat protesters. There will probably more than one staged cry over a white cross that day.

The Blue Angels perform for 15,000,000 people a year and visit 50,000 people a year in hospitals and schools. They also are a valuable recruiting tool for the Navy.

I missed the Blue Angels at the Jones Beach Air Show on Long Island in 2004, but I caught the Air Force's Thunderbirds this year. Behold, my "worship of the Gods of War". Click on the images for a larger view, there's more worship here and here.

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