Monday, August 15, 2005

HTML For Dummies

New York City Council Speaker/Democratic mayoral candidate, Gifford Miller, has been in hot water ever since he used taxpayer money to mail a campaign piece and then understated the size of the mailing by 5,400%. He is now trailing even Republican Mayor Bloomberg among democrat voters.

"Giff" is now using another taxpayer-funded resource to attack the mayor, the NY City Council website. The problem with this strategy, Giff should have brushed up on his HTML skills before launching his web attack. Click Here to visit the front page of the NY City Council. Under the "Current Issues" section there is a brief description of Giff's attack site. To find out more, they want you to click on the "more>>" button which leads to this web address "http://www%20.%20.%20." Oops

We'll give Miller a pass for poor HTML skills, but it gets worse. From the Speaker's Page, the actual website that attacks the mayor's budget is listed as, see what happens when you click on the link (as of 5pm on 8/15, nothing).

(Linked on OTB)