Thursday, August 18, 2005

High Speed Chases Debut in New York

For years, New Yorkers had to watch with envy as we saw footage of the LAPD as they chased every type of criminal on the highways of LA. The chases are carried live on LA televisions and there was even a movie that mocked the car-chase scene.

The daily newscasts in New York are so routine (stabbing-shooting-traffic-Yankees/Mets-weather). Sometimes we might get a double homicide or a stabbing at a McDonald's drive-thru, but even the coverage of these acts gets boring. Ahhh, just a few high-speed police chases could make our news a little more tolerable.

Yesterday my wife and I stared at the television for almost an hour as a failed car-jacking led to a wild police chase through the streets of Newark. The morning traffic-copter guys covered the chase with absolute zeal, dropping their normal coverage of house fires and traffic on the Belt. Alas, the chase ended when the driver tried to escape on foot, anyone who has seen COPS know this is a big mistake. Early this morning, there was another police chase. This one occurred in Manhattan from 143rd Street, down the FDR, and all the way down to the Bowery when the stolen car smashed into a cab.

LA still has better weather, but they no longer hold a monopoly on high-speed police chases. I now watch the news for the police chases, my wife watches for Mike Woods.