Friday, August 05, 2005

Go-Go Fundraiser

A democratic candidate for the NY City Council has put a new twist (and a little shake) on political fundraising. A cash-strapped Victor Bernace is hosting a fundraiser and is looking for some volunteer go-go dancers to don bikinis and speedos to provide the entertainment. The candidate actually found out that you cannot pay for stripper with campaign cash, so he is looking for volunteers only.

"Erotic dancing shows are very common in the [Hispanic] culture, so I don't think it's unusual,"- Victor Bernace
When asked if he thought this was a little strange, Bernace explained, "It might be unusual if you're a white Anglo-Saxon or from Utah ... [but] I don't think there's anything wrong with having a slightly sexy, naughty show to bring in voters and to bring in money." There will be a call out for dancers on his campaign website, sign up today!

Meanwhile, Bright & Early is taking part in a fundraiser that does not require showing skin.

(Source - NY Daily News)