Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Frogs Invade, France Surrenders

France Surrenders!

French countryside hit by a massive invasion of frogs is the headline from The Independent (UK). This means only one thing, France is inevitably only days away from being ruled by frogs.

"The Gironde fisheries protection association attacked a pond full of bullfrogs with electricity a few years ago. The frogs fought back. The hunters battled with them for two hours. They killed just one frog before they gave up."
This website endorses the new frog leadership and fully supports the invasion. While France and America have had a long history together; we have been looking forward to new leadership in France for some time. Viva La Grenouilles!

Update: The mother of the one bullfrog killed in the opening days of the invasion has setup Camp Jeremiah outside of Marseille in protest of the invasion.
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