Wednesday, August 24, 2005

At Least She Wasn't Driving

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills was arrested in 2002 after she got into an accident with a row of parked cars and was acquitted in 2004 by a jury in the Bronx. NYPD officers on the scene stated that Mills "reeked of alcohol". A drinking buddy of hers, who was riding in the car at the time of the accident, testified that Mills was drunk. Her lawyer claimed she was targeted because she was black (not because she ran into a row of parked cars). Officers Jessica Sterling and Paul Jackson, the two NYPD cops who made the arrest, happen to also be black.
Back to 2005
Last weekend, a man knocked on a door in the Bronx, a young boy and his mother answered the door. The man at the door, Lawrence Craig, tried to grab the young boy and pull him into the street. The boy's mother kicked the door closed and Craig fled in a car with Supreme Court license plates. That car belongs to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Donna Mills. Craig is her boyfriend whom she lent the the car because "he had a drinking problem". Just to make this story even more bizarre, Lawrence Craig claims to be a priest, was wearing a priest outfit, and was carrying a Bible when he surrendered to police. His neighbors claim he had sung with the NY City Opera.
In Summary
A faux-priest opera singer who dates a Manhattan Supreme Court judge tried to kidnap a kid in the Bronx and fled in a car with supreme court plates, the judge lent him the car because she said he has a drinking problem. I love New York.

Update: Lawrence Craig is a real minister, with a troubled past.