Wednesday, July 20, 2005

AP, Judge Roberts, and a Thesaurus

Fun With Adjectives!
These conservative adjectives are brought to you by an AP story in today's AM New York on Bush's "right" pick. I fully expect "allegiant, steadfast, and doting conservative" to be used in a future article. The Economist (UK) calls Roberts "a much stauncher conservative" than Edith Clement, who was called a "pragmatic conservative". They describe Roberts as a "faithful conservative", whatever that means.
USA Today: "certified conservative"
Rueters: "solidly conservative"
NY Times: "ardent conservative"
Seattle Times: "confirmable conservative" (try saying that 10 times)
AP: "rock-solid conservative"
UPI: "moderate conservative"
Denver Post: "brainy, fresh conservative"
Daily Bulletin: "quiet conservative"
Tennessean: "low-key conservative"

Yahoo! News Adjective Search
"staunch conservative" yeilded 103 hits
"staunch liberal" only came back with 5 hits.
"strict conservative" 84 hits
"strict liberal" no hits
"solidly conservative": 178 hits
"solidly liberal": 10 hits

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