Thursday, July 28, 2005

24: Tony's Back

The limping junkie returns for the next season of 24! That's right, Tony Almeida will be back to take orders from Jack and to make out/fight with Michelle. His other role is to get into trouble and let Jack bail him out at the last second.

In June, I reported on an Indian version of 24 called Time Bomb. The producers of that 24 rip-off claimed they did not steal their show from Fox. Well look at last week's episode guide and tell me with a straight face they didn't pirate a 24 plot. All that is missing is a random backup agent getting shot, an Allstate commercial, and "Varun" (aka Jack) yelling into a cell phone.

Usmaan checks out the villa…he notices one guy escaping and shoots him… There is a scuffle between Sejpal and the man masquerading as Roma’s uncle, Kishorilal. Roma gets to know that Sejpal is not the right kind of a person and asks him to leave. Varun tells his boss Biswas that there is a mole within ACT.

Mark your calendar kids, the real 24 returns in January.