Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Wedding Top 10

I mentioned yesterday that I'll be getting married over "Independence Day" weekend. Here are a few reasons that I'm looking forward to getting married. Feel free to add your own folksy advice/comments below.

Top 10 Reasons The Man Is Looking Forward to Marriage
10. All the free stuff
9. Tax benefits
8. Knowing that I now own half of everything I used to own
7. Being able to dispense wedding advice to soon-to-be grooms like "run" and "don't do it"
6. Seeing the "joint" checking account now funds her Gap and Express shopping sprees
5. Finding out that the "marriage penalty" exists only in the bedroom
4. Don't have to say "fiancé" any more; it's so French
3. uuummmm cake
2. In 10 years we may eat off the china we registered for
and the #1 reason:
1. No more wedding planning, ever

Feel free to add your own additions in the comments below or
email me.