Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tin Hat Thursday

Coup D'Etat Planned...BYOB
According to Conspiracy Planet contributor and publisher of The International Forecaster Bob Chapman; a coup d’etat against President George W. Bush and the "neocons" is being considered in some Washington circles (how French). The coup will come from within the military and high-level businessmen. Their reasons include:

  • He (Bush) has been arrogant, outrageous, insulting and downright weird in addressing the military and its objectives.
  • He (Bush again) is going to use commercial unarmored mini vans in Iraq to transport troops to keep the collapsing auto industry happy, which, of course, will cost many more lives.

The second point caught my eye. Using mini vans to transport troops, come on...If Bush is not flying Vietnam-era war planes into the pentagon, he's driving a 2001 Chevy Caravan loaded with Marines on a road outside Mosul.

On the International Forecaster website, Bob writes that Paul Wolfowitz will pour money into Iraq and Israel. If Europe complains, he will threaten them with invasion. Bob then adds: "That means the European elitists could back a coup or have George whacked." I think Chapman is giving Europe too much credit. They could not even pass their glorious constitution let alone organize a coup. Sounds like the world is full of coup.

If you are interested in the coup pre-party, you can reach Bob at

(Source - Conspiracy Planet - a GoogleNews Source)

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