Monday, June 06, 2005

Social Insecurity Drives Granny to Pimp

To Privatize or Prostitute
If Vera Tursi, an 80 year old New Jersey Grandmother had more security from Social Security, she would not have to rely on running a prostitution ring to make ends meet. Police busted the granny-turned pimp at her apartment last month. Tursi beat out the previous "oldest madam" by 2 years, a granny who at 78 was arrested in the early eighties in Buffalo, NY. This fact will probably not develop into any "Welcome to New Jersey: Home of the 80-year old pimp" road signs.

The next time a democrat claims Social Security is just fine, ask yourself if you want to end up like Vera, a senior citizen turning tricks to supplement your shrinking Social Security checks.

Helen Thomas, "call-girl for the left" is 5 years older than Vera Tursi.

(Source - NY Daily News)