Friday, June 17, 2005

A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Dollar For Your Vote

"Anyone want free money?" - alleged campaign worker

A campaign worker for Democratic candidate Jack Lester offered up a great deal to pedestrians outside Bellevue Hospital. The worker gave $1.00 to anybody who would sign a petition for City Council candidate Jack Lester in his run for an East Side City council. Along with the dollar, at least 25 people were also handed Lester campaign literature during the 45 minutes the Post reporter watched.

When asked, Lester claimed the campaign worker was not his, "It's outrageous. I want to wring the guy's neck" he fumed. His campaign manager told the NY Post they pay $10 an hour to canvassers, which would make this kid the dumbest employee ever and thinks this smells of a political dirty trick.

(Source - NY Post)