Monday, June 27, 2005

Independence Day

Blogging will be light the next two weeks because I'm getting married this weekend and heading to Mexico for my honeymoon next week.

Is it ironic that I'm getting married on a weekend when we all should be celebrating our independence?
I was going to send an invite to the White House, but they want you to send the invite weeks after the event. The Republicans will not stop burning up my phones for donations, but I cannot send an invitation to the President until after my wedding.

My fiancé and her family like to prod me on my support for President Bush. Last year, one of her brothers obtained his his Eagle Scout and we sent invitations to the ceremony to everyone from Hillary Clinton to The Olsen Twins. Hillary's office wrote back, Cheney's office wrote back, Bush did not. This was not overlooked by my future in-laws, so I sent an email showing my support to the president and mentioning the $50 donation I had given to his reelection efforts. In another correspondence I even mentioned that Hillary had sent something, still nothing. Thanks for letting me down W.

In other wedding news, a man in Southern California rode a bike to Pennsylvania to attend his niece's wedding. That is 71 days and 4,250 miles to attend a wedding...on a bike.