Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dean Rakes In the Bucks

A Democratic fund-raiser in South Carolina featuring Howard Dean drew in $5,000 donations over the internet and $15,000 from a $50-a-plate dinner where Dean was supposed to speak. A little rain fell and Howard blew off the event leaving the Democrats apologizing and refunding the money.

The GOP held a counter-rally and raised $22,000 for the local GOP. That is $2,000 more than the Dean rally generated for the Democrats, before they had to refund the donations. The GOP also held a "scream-off", where contestants who were judged on "lack of poise in appearance" and "extent of angry, insane ranting."

"We hope Howard Dean comes back every month" stated Scott Malyerck, executive director of the SC GOP.

Howard Dean may be the best fund raiser the GOP has ever had. Yeaaaaaahhh.