Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bin Laden Crap: Made in China

The next time you are in Bangkok, stop by a store and pick up a Bin Laden lighter. It comes complete with a light-up building and a musical loop of Mozart. There are also bin Laden t-shirts and masks and hand puppets. Another item for sale are 15-inch dancing bin Laden dolls, adorned with grenades, the doll also sings Indian "bollywood" songs while holding a plastic dagger in one hand and the "V" for victory sign with the other. All these sick products are "Made in China".

The NY Post reports that a bizarre video game for kids titled "Laden -vs- USA" where the object is to bomb airplanes before they crash into buildings. These have been found at stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the game is also "Made in China". Along with the bin Laden lighter, this is another item to leave out of your carry-on bag.

The irony of this is that bin Laden denounced capitalism and is now a vehicle for it.

UPDATE: Laden -vs- USA for sale on Ebay, the seller's description: "20 Levels of pure action! Experience Bin Laden fighting USA F/18's and Tanks. Inspiring music will play during game"

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