Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Stand Up For Principle Contest

Bill Frist and the Republicans in Washington seem determined to prove how much they care about their own political power . . . and how little they care about using power to fight for what really matters to America's families. Tell Frist about what really matters to you. Make sure Washington stands up for the needs and interests of America’s families. - John Kerry.com

John Kerry is urging people to send an "Urgent Gram" to Bill Frist about "what really matters to you" on his website. Well, I sent the one below and I encourage you to take Mr. Kerry up on his offer and tell Bill Frist what you really think.

Click Here to send an Urgent Gram. When you are done, post your Urgent Gram message in the comments section or email me.

Note: This is not to be confused with an "urgent gram" requested by Marion Berry.

Winner(s) - Each and every one of the comments that mentioned Kerry not signing SF-180, which were 11 of 27 comments on this site and many others on numerous right-leaning blogs.

Honorable Mention -

-Please dock Senator Kerry for all the time he missed last year. My boss doesn't pay me to search for a new job and neither should his - Andy inNY

-Please vote for judicial filibusters, before you vote against them. - Teve Torbes

To Dr. Frist,Please feel free to remind John Kerry that he LOST the election. Nuke the bastards! - Von Aras

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