Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweak: DU Reaction

The DU'ers must be really upset that another smear against the United States and our soldiers has been literally been flushed out as a lie. Let's check out some of the DU's response to the Newsweek matter with a top 10 list.

Top 10 Democratic Underground Responses to Swirlie-gate:

Ahh those "people of faith"
10 so hundreds or thousands of religious loonies injured, perhaps hundreds dead, all because of newsweek and its phony articles + religious fundies obscene adherence to their beliefs?

9 I smell some strong-arm tactics having been practiced on Newsweek

8 They are "Rather-izing" Newsweek. More evidence of the corrupting influence of this evil administration.

You knew the someone was just wetting themselves to write this one:
7 So they admit to just making it up? Just like the war drive, huh?

6 Too little and too late, I am glad this s**t has blown up in Bush's face. The Newsweek story has put in jeopardy a handful of despotic regimes that have sided with Bush. Let them all fall!

5 I think, what they are REALLY saying is, "We're sorry we caused so much trouble, by reporting what happened."

It's a good thing Newsweek was not around in 1914, Bush and Rove were probably behind it anyway.
4 Archduke Franz Ferdinand may not have been assassinated! WWI prevented. All is well.

3 If I were interrogating someone of faith, I would've torn apart the bible, koran, or anything else they 'believed' in right in front of their faces. It's a f**king book. One of millions of copies. F**king deal with it.

2 The spin comes at us faster than ...a Koran flushing down a toilet.

You might have been asking when Karl Rove will be blamed for this? I give you the top DU response (so far) to Swirlie-gate.
1 We need to write to newsweek and ask if Rove got to them.

I know fishing at the DU is easy, go ahead and find some more statements and post them in the comments section.