Monday, May 09, 2005

Jack Bauer Appreciation Day

While the chicken now has a holiday, Jack Bauer has saved the world three (going on four) times and has nothing to show for it but a lanky girlfriend (who was married to a British guy that Jack just "Terri Schivoed"). So to show thanks for all he does:

I proclaim today (May 9th): Jack Bauer Appreciation Day (from the hours of 12:00am and 11:59pm)

Last week, I live blogged and had RTFR live blogging the show with me. This week, let me know if anyone out there would like to co-live blog this week, email me or post a comment.

RTFR asked the key question last week: "Palmer is worried about the repercussions that our actions resulted in the death of a consul? What about the fact that there's been a coup and an unelected, unappointed official is running the US government?"

This week, Jack may have started a world war with China and America has two presidents running the show (one is still making Allstate commercials while directing the nation). China is upset because Jack Bauer dressed up like a ninja and used surveillance equipment from the video game Metal Gear to infiltrate the poorly guarded Chinese consulate. Jack could have lobbed a couple of grenades at the potted plants in front of the consulate to create a diversion; instead he was able to open an unlocked window to sneak in. The Chinese ambassador was killed at the consulate because he ran into a bullet that was fired by one of his own men. They are also upset because Jack called the consulate back and asked for a #14 with Wonton soup, no eggroll.

I predict 4 deaths this week
The previews last week led me to predict 17 deaths, I was 15 deaths off as only the Chinese guy and Paul "I am the Walrus" Raines died. Of course, I suck at predicting anything, I put $6 on Greater Good at the Kentucky Derby to Win-Place-Show and have nothing to show for it.