Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Italian Communist Journalist is Full of Prosciutto: Part 2

Back on March 7th, I noted the communist anti-American reporter, Giuliana Sgrena was full of prosciutto for claiming that New York's own, Fighting 69th were trying to kill her. Then on March 29th, Naomi Klein gave an interview where she speaks for Ms. Sgrena and restates that the Americans were trying to kill her, but that she could not back up those claims.

Fast forward to the present, both American and the Italian version of the incident report blames breakdowns in communication and lack of experience led to the accident. Both reports state that American soldiers were not trying to kill the reporter. Sgrena also claimed that 300 rounds were fired; she was 289 rounds off because only 11 rounds were fired.

The media were quick to line up and point fingers at the American soldiers with front page stories on the targeting of reporters. Where do they stand now? I like picking on AM New York, a free paper printed by Newsday. The story of the report is on Page 7, no longer front page news.