Monday, May 09, 2005

24 Live Blogging

Live Blogging Here starting at 9pm EST. Post comments as the show goes on. I will try to update with posts. If not, I will summarize the show later on.

3:01 - 3:12
Jack and his Terri Schivoing of Paul Raines leads to the most uncomfortable situation ever on TV: Working with your girlfriend, which had a husband, who you just killed.
CTU is looking for groups that have attacked Chinese embassies they forget that we attacked a Chinese embassy under President Clinton?
So the Chinese consulate leaves their windows unlocked and is easy to break into....but they have state-of-the art cameras.

Howard Burns, another useless CTU employee. That place hires the most imcompotent employees this side of Wal-Mart. Why do they not send Howard on a mission with Jack as his backup, see if he comes back alive.
Another first for America.... We have two acting Presidents bickering with each other over who is going to f-up the country worse.

"Michelle, I hate being without you....." Hello people we have a nuke missing and the Chinese preparing for war while Tony is thinking with his crotch. Cue the sappy music.

Those Chinese move fast, or CTU is located directly under the Chinese consulate. It took the Chinese guy under 10 minutes to get to CTU. Jack also got into a suit, tied a windsor knot, and brushed up on anti-China groups during the same time frame.

I bet Jack or Curtis would have loved to torture Mr. Li instead of using "doctors" to heal him. I think a taser to the balls would have had that terrorist singing like a little girl.
Jack is loading up the CTU strike force to kick some terrorist butt. I hope not too much butt, because I predicted only 4 deaths... Use minimum force Jack....

President Palmer is still working for Allstate while starting a war with China! He takes time away from finding a nuke, preventing war with China (or starting one, I have not figured that out yet), and still has time to warn the American people about chop shops and the rising cost of car insurance. What did this guy have for breakfast?

Jack the data processor...CTU, you have to come up with a better story than that.

President Palmer is giving orders to advise the Sec of State (Cheney look alike) to advise President Logan to give orders to CTU. Man this is confusing.

Zero Deaths so far. There will need to be 0.31 deaths a minute for me to make my prediction of 4 deaths this episode.

House has to be the the dumbest show...ever.

Here comes the assault. Let me note that Jack Bauer changed out of a suit and into battle gear then got into position, all this after driving across LA in less than 5 minutes.

1....2.....3 deaths, 1 torture scene. I was only 1 off!

I thought Marwan shut down his computer before leaving.... anyway we have a nuke taking off heading east? Please aim at Boston. I cannot stand hearing "Boston Red Sox 2004 World Champions" anymore.

Next week: Looks like lots of shooting next week!!! Maybe torturing Heller's hippie son, again. Don't let Curtis torture him, Jack is better at it.